Like Father, Like Son

When will the professed church become tired with it's impotent state? When will the church arise from the apathy that surrounds it and become that triumphant church that the Scriptures declare it to be? Pastor Star R. Scott exhorts those in the church to take a stand in this hour and seek all that the Father has provided for us through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Seek Ye the Double Portion - Part 1A

What if the Lord came to you and declared that whatever you asked He would give you. What would you ask for? More money, more time, greater advancement? The Apostle Paul said that all he wanted was more of Jesus. Moses answered it by asking for the presence of God. What is your answer?

Seek Ye the Double Portion - Part 1B

Where are the men of God in this hour? This is an hour to diligently seek the Lord, not to be distracted by the world's system. This is an hour to step out in faith and live a life that exemplifies the power of God. Are you willing?

Seek Ye the Double Portion - Part 2A

We must be a people marked by a zealous heart. Are you zealous for His glory? Do you still have a champions heart that will pay any price to honor Him who called you? Are you able to sit back and relax when it is the time of war? If so you have lost the zeal. Return to your first love and give all for the one who gave all for you.

Seek Ye the Double Portion - Part 2B

Esau gave up the double portion that was his to receive momentary pleasure. Unfortunately, too many in the church have given up the presence of God for the blessings of God. In this hour, when the love and zeal of many will wax cold, let's not be those who look back to this world and fall back into a lukewarm pursuit. Pastor Star Scott encourages us not to trade our double portion for temporal treasures.