The Living Word

The Parable of the Sower is a powerful teaching from Jesus. It gives incredible insight into the hearts of each and every one of us. Pastor Star R. Scott shares with us that these soil conditions are not necessarily the entire state of our heart. These soils can indicate parts or areas in our life. Through this teaching series, Pastor Scott encourages us to quiet ourselves before the Spirit of God and receive hHis ministry as He identifies the areas in our hearts that must be changed.

The Living Word - Part 1A

Today on the Sword of the Spirit Broadcast, Pastor Star Scott introduces the Parable of the Sower. Do we know the condition of our hearts? Are our hearts hard and crusted over toward the Word of God? If they are, we are not uniting with the Word of God. Our hearts must ready to receive and walking accordance to the Word of God.

The Living Word - Part 1B

Is your heart tender to the Word of God? Are you ready to receive the Word of Life from the Spirit of God? In a day and hour when the kingdom of darkness is doing all it can to destroy the work of God, we must be a people ready hear and do the Word of God. Let's humble ourselves to receive from Father all He has for us.

The Living Word - Part 2A

Our hearts can become hard and crusty toward the Word of the Lord. We must have hearts that are ready to receive the Lord of God. Today, Pastor Star R. Scott encourages us to allow that plow of God to break up the hard areas of our heart.

The Living Word - Part 2B

Once the plow of God comes and breaks up the fallow ground in our life, we must become submission to and obedient to the Word of God. However, in this day and age that is easier said than done. We must quiet the noise of this life. We must lay down the distraction that surround us on a daily basis.

The Living Word - Part 3A

Our hearts can become crusted over by religious works. Are you so busy for God you cannot be much with God? If so your heart is crusted over by religious works. Today, Pastor Star R. Scott encourages us to break up the fallow ground of the religious life and fall in love of Jesus once more.

The Living Word - Part 3B

Obedience. Does that work summarize your life? Do you love God and keep his commandments? That is the life that we are commanded to live. If are hearts are crusty, stony or thorny we are unable to simply obey God with our whole heart. Today, Pastor Star Scott encourages us to remove all the weights that would distract us from a life of faith and obedience to the living Word.

The Living Word - Part 4A

Are we separate from the world? To be the friend of the world is to be an enemy of God, the Scriptures tell us. A thorny heart is a worldly heart. A thorny heart fails to obey the Word of God because it is distracted by the world's attractions. Must must remove the thorny weeds by the root and allow the Word to not only germinate but thrive in our lives.

The Living Word - Part 4B

Pruning is a necessary part of the Word growing in our life. Pruning, or chastening, is not punitive but Father working in our heart to where we bring about more fruit for His glory. Praise God for the pruning, because it means the fruit exists! Allow Father to work in your heart and receive His love.

The Living Word - Part 5A

Father's pruning knife brings our greatest growth. He only knows how deep to cut. Have you learned to embrace the chastening of the Lord? This Word is alive in us and growing within us. As Father works to bring about much fruit in our lives, we must embrace His work that we might continue to grow into His likeness.

The Living Word - Part 5B

It was no mistake the Lord called these riches "deceitful". These riches can be blessings of the Lord. However His blessing never bring sorrow. Can we step back and allow the Spirit to examine our hearts and see if these "blessings" have become "distractions"? Pastor Star Scott through the Word exposes the dangerous times that we live in and the dangers that surround us on a daily basis.

The Living Word - Part 6A

Riches can be dangerous. The Lord commanded his people to be careful that they do not forget the Lord as they prosper. How can we be safe from the danger of riches? Be sure they are in the Lord's hands. Pastor Star Scott asks us: are you spending these riches on eternal treasures? Are we spending more time in Kingdom business, more money on Kingdom ventures, and more energy on Kingdom progress? Let's get quiet and allow the Holy Spirit to examine our hearts.