Tongues of Fire

No man can tame the tongue...but God can. In this teaching series, Pastor Star R. Scott shares from the book of James the danger of the tongue. This tiny member can bring a world of hurt. How can tame the tongue? We change the tongue by changing our heart. If our hearts are full of God's words then our tongues will be full of God's words.

Tongues of Fire - Part 1A

Today on the Sword of the Spirit Broadcast, Pastor Star Scott introduces the Parable of the Sower. Do we know the condition of our hearts? Are our hearts hard and crusted over toward the Word of God? If they are, we are not uniting with the Word of God. Our hearts must ready to receive and walking accordance to the Word of God.

Tongues of Fire - Part 1B

Perfect tongue, perfect body. That is what the epistle of James teaches us. Do you want to walk in a spirit-controlled life? Our tongues hold the key. If we can learn to pray then our words will be sanctified. If we can learn to praise then our words will be sanctified. How many words do we waste on a daily basis?

Tongues of Fire - Part 2A

Our free is your mouth? Are you one that has an opinion to share about those around you? You may not be the originator of the gossip, but are the promoter of the gossip? How we need our hearts and our tongues cleansed by the Spirit of God that we will be able to administer grace unto the hearer.

Tongues of Fire - Part 2B

The Lord takes our words seriously. He said let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth. Too many words can get us into trouble. Today, Pastor Star Scott encourages us to restrain the volume of our words. Put off the old man and his words and pursue the presence of God and words of grace.