Normative Christianity

What are the marks of a normal Christian? Are signs and wonders, the manifest power of the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit evidenced only in the lives of "super saints"? Or are these simply marks of a Christian? In this series, Pastor Star R. Scott reminds us of the promise that we, the church, would do the works of Jesus and even greater things because Jesus would go to the Father. God desires to move in and through his church. Do we desire Him to move?

The Greatest Commandment

What is the whole duty of man? What is our purpose for being? The Bible says that the whole duty of man is to fear God and keep his commandments. The Bible says the greatest commandment is to the love the Lord with all your heart. In this series, Pastor Scott reminds us of what are duty truly is: to love God. Everything else must be set aside and Father must be loved and honored with our whole hearts.

Holy Home

Did you know that God has a specific design for your home? Did you know that the roles of male and female, husband and wife are clearly spoken toward in Scripture? God has a plan for your home and his desire is that it be a Holy Home. Join Pastor Scott as he clearly lays out, according to the Scripture, God's divine design for your family.

Holy Holy Holy

There is one attribute about God that is emphasized over and over again throughout the Bible: God is holy. God is unique and separate. He is unlike anything. "He is God alone", the Scriptures declare. Because God is holy, His Word declares that we be holy for He is holy. In the this series, Pastor Star R. Scott challenges us to have a proper view of God from which true worship and love will flow.

Love and Forgiveness

On location from Christian Family Church, Shaurimoyo, Nairobi with Apostle Joe Kayo.

The church is invincible against the kingdom of darkness; but a house divided against itself cannot stand. We need to love one another. Can strife over tribe, over opinion, or over perception destroy the church from within? Absolutely. We need to remember this one truth from the Scripture: I am the debtor. We owe one another nothing more than to love each other even as Christ loves us.

Just Do It

We are judged by what we do, not by what we know. Our Bible knowledge can be very dangerous to us if we do not obey what we are hearing. In this series entitled, Just Do It, Pastor Star R. Scott admonished us to open up the Word, read it as if it was the first time we saw it, and by the light of the Holy Spirit, examine whether we are doing all that we know.

God's Good Anyway Teaching

God is good all the time! Isn't that how the saying goes? Do you believe that today? When all is well, is He good? When all is not well, is He good? Our response in the times of adversity gives us a glimpse into the state of our heart. In this series, Pastor Star R. Scott encourages us to get our eyes off the trials and set them upon the goodness of God. Truly, God is good all the time!

Tongues of Fire Teaching

No man can tame the tongue...but God can. In this teaching series, Pastor Star R. Scott shares from the book of James the danger of the tongue. This tiny member can bring a world of hurt. How can tame the tongue? We change the tongue by changing our heart. If our hearts are full of God's words then our tongues will be full of God's words.

The Living Word Teaching

The Parable of the Sower is a powerful teaching from Jesus. It gives incredible insight into the hearts of each and every one of us. Pastor Star R. Scott shares with us that these soil conditions are not necessarily the entire state of our heart. These soils can indicate parts or areas in our life. Through this teaching series, Pastor Scott encourages us to quiet ourselves before the Spirit of God and receive hHis ministry as He identifies the areas in our hearts that must be changed.

Seek Ye the Double Portion Teaching

When will the professed church become tired with it's impotent state? When will the church arise from the apathy that surrounds it and become that triumphant church that the Scriptures declare it to be? Pastor Star R. Scott exhorts those in the church to take a stand in this hour and seek all that the Father has provided for us through the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Doers of the Word Teaching

Is the Word of God the final authority in your life? How do we respond to the Bible in our daily life? The world is vexing us on a daily basis to think in opposition to the Word of God. In this series, Pastor Scott challenges us with the reality of the hour we are living in and encourages us to return and find safety in obedience to the Word of God.

Like Father, Like Son Teaching

Many Christians are fascinated with the power of God yet fail to walk in the character of God. Jesus said if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. In this teaching series, Pastor Star R. Scott challenges us to look at our character and ask, "Am I like my Father?"